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A rich feature set and extensive component library.

Botjet is an end-to-end Platform that allows you to Build,
launch and manage AI-rich, omni-channel bots.

Botjet AI Features

Conversational Flow Designer

A visual, drag and drop conversation flow designer to design complex flows.

Natural Language Understanding

NLU engine to train chatbots to do intent recognition.

Debugging Console

A Sandboxed test environment for chatbot troubleshooting and debugging.

Pre-Built Knowledge Bundles

Pre-built data sets to enable basic intelligence and intent recognition for bots.

3rd Party Intent Engine Support

Access third party NLP engines like,, and for chatbot training.

Botjet AI Features
Botjet AI Features

Device Integrations

Pre-built SDKs to enable bot deployment on Web, Android and iOS.

Channel Integrations

Pre-built connectors enable bot deployments to preferred channels.

Flexible Deployment

On-Premise and On-Cloud platform deployment models are supported.

Cloning and Private Labeling

Create custom bots for each channel by cloning and private labeling existing bot(s).

3rd Party Services Integration

Enable use of 3rdparty services through integration with Google Cloud Speech API.

Botjet AI Features
Botjet AI Features


Manage full bot cycle from one dashboard that displays all key performance metrics.


Analyze success and failure scenarios, usage etc. to optimize bot performance.

Interaction Logs

Analyze message logs to understand users' behavior and use the insights to improve bot intelligence(admin feauture).

Advanced Analytics

Connect to enterprise systems for deeper analysis. Optimize conversations based on detailed user data.

Testing and Evaluation

Evaluate bot by testing connectivity to webservices, response formatting, intent, and entity recognition.

Botjet AI Features

Enterprise Features

Simplifies bot creation, deployment, management, and optimization in both limited-use and extensive-use scenarios.

Botjet AI Features

Security and Compliance

User authentication, cloud connector gateway, compliance tools and more.

Deployment Flexibility

On-Premise for greater security and on cloud for accelerated deployment.

Enterprise Integration Framework

API-based enterprise integration framework shortens development cycle.

Built-in Intelligence Engine

Supervised machine learning and NLU for optimization of bot responses.

Really reliable support

Guaranteed SLAs. Dedicated support delivered via virtual and human agents.

Additional Features

Botjet’s helps you differentiate/renew your chatbot solutions by adding new features or optimizing existing ones.

Human Takeover and Livechat / IVR

Bot-to-human agent transfer/handover and livechat
switch midconversation flow.

Multiple Languages Support

Three (3) native, fully-supported languages, with more
on the way.

Bot migration

Import 3rd party bots to Botjet/export
Botjet bots to other platforms

Payments Enabled

Process payments for purchases, bookings, and
billable services.

Message Middleware

Automatic message formatting and standardization of
message output.

Botjet Page

Option to create pages for each bot,
a la Facebook company page.

Scheduled Messages

Send messages immediately or schedule
broadcast for a later time.


Portable architecture for migration readiness
and no platform lock in.