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We help you metamorphose into an AI-powered Enterprise.

Take the first step towards transformation with Botjet

Nuacem is an AI-focussed technology company. We are building out a suite of sophisticated AI solutions that help businesses use cognitive automation to deliver natural and intuitive services at scale.

Co-founded in 2016 by established entrepreneur Indarjith Mathivanan and leading technopreneur Vamsi Yeluri, Nuacem is enabling an AI-First world by bringing cutting-edge AI to the real world through its transformative business applications.

Our products and solutions are born in the Nuacem AI incubator - a lab, where data scientists, domain and technology experts come together to tackle the toughest challenges to AI adoption. And, they work fast and work furiously. The first AI solution from our incubator - Botjet - is already in the market.

Botjet - is a conversational AI platform that offers the full features and capabilities required to build smart bots. Enterprises can leverage our platform to add new digital touchpoints and / AI enable existing systems.

But, we don’t just build products. Nuacem also offers cognitive transformation services. Our deep learning expertise, domain knowledge and cutting-edge proprietary tools help us address all the AI needs of a business - from use case definition and road mapping, all the way to implementation and scaling.

Our goal is to innovate, incubate, develop and launch AI products that support enterprises in the innovation race. And, to realize this goal, we are building out a suite of Enterprise AI products that can be adopted quickly and affordably.

Meet the Team

Indarjith Mathivanan
Indarjith Mathivanan

Co-Founder / CBO

Vamsi Yeluri
Vamsi Yeluri

Co-Founder / CEO

Surender Mishra
Surender Mishra

VP Finance