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Botjet is an end-to-end Platform that allows you to build, launch and manage AI-rich, omni-channel bots.

Botjet AI Technologies

Conversation Engine

Our conversation engine models human-like dialog flows fluidly for both speech and text conversations. The engine extracts intent from natural input (voice or text), and manages the dialog state, context, salience, and intent completion accordingly.

Botjet AI Technologies

Deep Learning

We are building state-of-the-art neural network systems to power critical functions like semantic analysis, NLG, speech and language synthesis. Our systems can analyze un-labelled or machine labelled datasets, to generate unsupervised intelligence.

Botjet AI Technologies

Speech Synthesis

Traditional speech synthesis systems use prosodic models that don’t effectively support conversational computing. Our proprietary speech synthesis technology uses our robust NLP and machine learning models to enable true conversational computing.

Botjet AI Technologies

Language Independent

Our conversational AI technology uses a language agnostic architecture. While our speech and language technology were initially developed in English, it has now been extended to support several languages.

Botjet AI Technologies

Developer Tools

We offer a set of tools including pre-built components, APIs and workflows to build and deploy bots in a flash. Developers can use our web-based builder, conversational flow designer, debugging console, training module, and dashboard to adapt bots to their own application space and domain.

Botjet AI Technologies


Developed to plug into most common platforms and systems. Botjet supports integration using APIs, web services, custom adapters, and much more. Our extensive library of pre-built channel integrations enables one click- bot deployment to multiple channels and devices.

Botjet AI Technologies

Speech Recognition

Our speech technology leverages both our own speech recognition system and third-party systems to deliver accurate speech recognition. Our advanced speech recognition system has the capabilities and performance needed for true conversational computing.

Botjet AI Technologies

Advanced Data Model

We have built robust training infrastructure to enable continuous advancement in conversational intelligence of bots powered by our platform. At its core is an extensive data library developed for machine learning spoken and written dialog.

Botjet AI Technologies

Computer Vision

We are developing computer vision algorithms to enable machine perception. We are also building integrations to popular computer vision APIs. Chatbots powered by Botjet, can leverage computer vision to detect entities in images even from heavy datasets.