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Conversational user interfaces (CUIs) improve patient experience, care management and workforce productivity in the health sector. By allowing automation and by enabling digital delivery of health services, chatbots lower the overall cost of care.

Patient Monitoring and Care Management

Discovery and Appointment Scheduling

Medication Adherence Monitoring

Lifestyle and Nutritional Guidance

Coverage and Claims Eligibility Check

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Financial Services

Banking, financial services and Insurance (BFSI) companies can deliver intelligent customer service using chatbots. Automation of support and service functions and round-the-clock availability made possible by bots reduces costs and expands customer reach.

Balance Enquiry

Transaction History

Fund Transfer

FAQ Services

Customer Feedback

Botjet Ai Usecase
Botjet Ai Usecase


Chatbots offer e-commerce industry a new digital touchpoint a new sales channel which they can used to deliver personalized shopping experiences to customers. Conversational selling using bots can increase both customer spend and customer satisfaction.

Offers and Promotions

Order Tracking

Product Recommendations

Customer Support

Search And find Products

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Travel industry has been an early adopter of chatbots. Bots can automate booking, travel desk, reviews, payment, feedback and support processes for travel companies, helping them deliver end-to-end travel experiences to their customers.

Ticket Booking and Reservations

Journey Planner

Customer Feedback

Deals And Promotions

Customer Support

Botjet Ai Usecase
Botjet Ai Usecase

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotel and hospitality businesses can deliver more personalized guest experiences by adding chatbots to their digital toolkit. AI-powered automation assistants can assist in improving guest satisfaction and in controlling burgeoning labor costs.

Concierge Services

Loyalty Program


Customer Feedback

On Property Requests

Botjet Ai Usecase